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After the one month, it does go back to it’s usual $9.99, but a month is a long time to read a lot of comics before then. So, in honor of that, I’ll try to scrounge up a few things certain to be on there and well worth the read.

I don’t usually post from my other blogs to here. Nor do I tend to post non-headcanons, but for those of you interested, this is happening for the next week.

The Marvel archive is pretty amazing. I’ve been able to hunt down entire arcs of things that would be impossible to find in print or even digital. Though fair warning: it’s super finicky on the browser and works a lot better on mobile devices. So if you don’t like reading comics on your phone and don’t have access to a tablet, you might be frustrated with it.

Though for $0.99 at least you can try it out and see if it’s worth your time.

What barbeauxbot said about browsers is completely accurate. If it automatically gives you the reader where you can’t zoom into anything, go into your preferences and select the one that isn’t called “beta reader”, I forget what it’s called. It’ll take you a couple tries to load things (after it gets stuck loading once, refresh the page before you try again or you’ll get 404’d indefinitely) but once you load them you’ll be able to read them.

Who should Eleanor's first boyfriend or girlfriend be


Evan Sabahnur!


teddy only having one picture of his parents that he keeps by the mirror and sometimes when he’s home alone he tries to morph his face to look like theirs and stare in the mirror but it’s never quite what the photo looks like

and he gives andromeda a heart attack one day when she finds him curled up on the floor but with remus’ scars because he couldn’t concentrate morphing back properly before bursting into tears



as much as we all including (especially) me love “wild child teddy lupin” we have to realize that this is rita skeeter and although it is very likely that teddy is a wild child it’s just as likely that he’s a little remus lupin the second who victoire walks all over and who hasnt stopped blushing since that bloody article came out

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Emmet’s travels

these are so awesome!


In a Sexy Way


The first installment of my Thinkfast 30 Day NSFW Challenge

TITLE: In a Sexy Way
CHALLENGE: #1 Cuddles (naked)
PAIRING: David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd
RATING: Explicit (though this chapter is way more tame than future ones)

Read it here on AO3.


david alleyne in #80 for stepintomyheadkid

i couldn’t figure out how to make this work without white, i’m sorry. ;;


david alleyne in #80 for stepintomyheadkid

i couldn’t figure out how to make this work without white, i’m sorry. ;;


this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

according to hannibal…


your psychiatrist? serial killer.

your best friend’s dad? serial killer.

your pharmacist? serial killer.

the nice lady at the convenience store? serial killer.

the guy who looks at you funny? serial killer.

local surgeon? serial killer.

dorky medical student? serial killer.

guy who teaches your kid cello? serial killer.

grumpy retired guy down the street? serial killer.

guy you bump into on the subway? serial killer.

the nice massage therapist who makes her own honey? serial killer.

orderly at your local psychiatric hospital? serial killer.

shy guy who works at the museum? serial killer.

fbi agent who’s supposed to catch all these people? serial killer.