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which type of feminist™ are YOU??????///

[feminism the contents of these signs are literal i need feminism because it’s fancier and nicer sounding than misandry not that there isn’t SANE or GOOD BRANCHES of feminism but lets get real this is tumblrthe only branch of feminism that exists is misandry]

look at this cunt who thinks misandry is a real life problem lmao

You’re right, the fact that men have significantly higher suicide rates, serve twice as long as women in prison, are under a (soft) military draft, are behind in education, and are far more likely to be physically assaulted are not ‘real life problems’.

A real life problem is the use of the word ‘bossy’ or that captain america isn’t a black, queer trans/genderfluid woman with neutural pronouns and self-identifies as a pidgy-dragon with the rest of their headmates.

When will people get it???????????????????????????

Because men are more likely to attempt suicide using more lethal means, such as hanging or through the use of a gun. Females will use pills or try through cutting, which have lower mortality rates, translating into more attempts but less successes.

Women receive more jail time for killing their male partners than Men do for killing their female partners, which is extensively more common. 90% of women who kill their male partner have been previously battered by those men. (Source: https://www.aclu.org/womens-rights/words-prison-did-you-know)

According to the same source, “Women are the fastest growing segment of the incarerated population” and “Women of color are significantly over represented in the criminal justice system,” also, did you know that “The majority of women prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent crimes such as prostitution, fraud or drug offenses.”

Women might receive less jail time because they are the sole and primary caregiver of a child. (http://www.sentencingproject.org/template/page.cfm?id=138)

Over half of women in prison have are victims of domestic or sexual violence. Let’s look at these statistics from one of the first websites that popped up in a 3 second Google search. (http://www.womeninprison.org.uk/statistics.php)

  • The majority of women sentenced to prison (81%) have committed a non-violent offence
  • Women serve shorter prison sentences than men and for less serious offences. In the 12 months ending March 2013, 59% of women entering prison under sentence served sentences of up to and including six months.
  • Theft and handling was by far the most common offence, accounting for 38% of all sentenced women in the year leading up to March 2013.
  • 26% of women in prison had no previous convictionsmore than double the figure for men (12%).
  • 28% of women serving sentences of under 12 months had no previous convictions, compared with only 12% of men.

Maybe they’re stealing to provide for a child whom they are the only caregiver for. If you bother to read through any of the sources, it will tell you most of the women in prison come from poor socio-economic backgrounds and are usually WoC, whom are already paid less as a woman, and even more so as a minority. ("Only 9% of children whose mothers are in prison are cared for by their fathers in their mothers’ absence…At least a fifth of women prisoners are lone parents before imprisonment”)

If you think these are not valid reasons, then think of your precious tax dollars. 

  • "Imprisoning mothers for non-violent offences has a damaging impact on children and carries a cost to the state of more than £17 million over a ten year period."

The draft only applies to men because of the ideal that women are weaker. It is not the fault of feminism because it was in existence before major feminist movements. (The first draft being active in 1940, while the term “first wave feminism” was only coined in 1968) There are feminists advocating for the abolition of single sex drafts. Women don’t even get the choice to sign up for selective services or the draft, by law, so don’t you dare blame it on us. (http://www.sss.gov/FSwomen.htm)

There are parts of the world where girls can’t even attend school. A man behind in education can still make more than a woman with a college degree, because of pay imbalances and unfair hiring practices. While yes, in the United States there are laws against that, we both know women looking to participate in technical fields, where you do not need as much academic schooling, are looked upon equally. Men who hold interest in ability in fields of manual labor drop out because further education doesn’t benefit them, whereas if a woman were to drop out, she does not attain the same job opportunities, therefore forcing her to have to do well in school because she is literally considered “unfit” to participate in more menial work.

The last “fact” is literally just pulled out of your ass.


  • "86% of adult men who were physically assaulted were physically assaulted by a man.
  • 70% of adult men who were raped were raped by a man.
  •  56% of adult men who reported being physically assaulted were assaulted by a stranger.”
  • 1 in 33 men have been the victim of a completed or attempted rape.
  • 94% of the perpetrators of sexual abuse against boys are men

Now for the ladies.

  • 18.3% (About 1 out of every 5 women) of all women in the United States have survived a completed or attempted rape. Of these women, 12.3% were younger than age 12 when they were first raped, and 29.9% were between the ages of 11 and 17. (National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey 2010)
  • Girls ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault. (Department of Justice 2010)
  • Of female rape or sexual assault victims in 2010, 25 percent were assaulted by a stranger, 48 percent by friends or acquaintances, and 17 percent were intimate partners. (National Crime Victimization Survey 2010) Fact #15: Almost 10% of high school students are victims of dating violence each year. (Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance 2009).
  • A study reported in the New York Times suggests that one in five adolescent girls become the victims of physical or sexual violence, or both, in a dating relationship. (New York Times 8/01/01)
  • Somewhere in America a woman is battered, usually by her intimate partner, every 15 seconds. (UN Study On The Status of Women, Year 2000)
  • Boys who witness their fathers’ violence are 10 times more likely to engage in spouse abuse in later adulthood than boys from non-violent homes. (Family Violence Interventions for the Justice System, 1993) 
  • Offenders have been reported to be armed with a gun, knife or other weapon in 11 percent of rape or sexual assault victimizations(Criminal Victimization, Bureau of Justice, 2010)
  • Factoring in unreported rapes, about 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail. 15 out of 16 will walk free(Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) calculation based on US Department of Justice 2010 Statistics)

Each and every one of these search results was found within the first 3 hits on Google. Get your ignorant, uneducated ass out of here.

Get fucking wrecked.


A beautiful Labradorite point that I’ll be making a necklace from! 


A beautiful Labradorite point that I’ll be making a necklace from! 

now home safe

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